24 March 2014

TM «Yagotynske for Children» offers parents who care about the health and well being of their kids and choose only specialized, high-quality, natural and healthy dairy products, a convenient to buy multipack of yogurt and sweet curds which also gives opportunity to receive gifts. Dairy products of TM «Yagotynske for children» are specifically designed and developed for children aged 6 months to 3 years exclusively from natural cow’s milk of the highest quality with no added sugar, preservatives, colorings and flavorings.

With new group packaging TM «Yagotynske for children» Kids will love yogurt and curds even more, because their eating is not only useful, but also tasty, interesting and exciting.

In the group packing of yoghurts parents will find 4 bottles of 200 g (2 bottles of yoghurt with filling «apple-carrot» and 2 bottles with filling «raspberry-red currant»), and in group packing of sweet curds — 4 cups of 100g — 2 cups filled with «peach» and 2 cups filled with «blueberries»). In each group packaging (yoghurt and curds) there are games: a set of 2 identical cards of the famous game «Memory» («Zapam’yatayka») and instructions to it.

When buying multipacks, parents collect different pairs of cards to play. Totally you can collect 10 different pairs of cards in category «Environment» and 10 different pairs of cards in category «Fruits and Vegetables».

Rules of the game are decorated in a poetic statement that explains the meaning of the game: the collected cards are shuffled and laid out randomly back up. Each player opens any two cards in one turn. If you open a pair of identical cards, the player picks them up and makes the next move. If images on upturned cards are different, then the player puts them into place and turn goes next. The player who gains the most pairs of cards wins the game.

Bright and nice pictures on the cards surely will please all kids from the youngest, who will study the names of the depicted objects to older ones who can train their memory and observation together with parents, playing the developing game «Zapam’yatayka.»