24 July 2015

According to numerous requests of their customers, Yagotynske released favorite Cocoa Milk in a new format — a small individual package 450 g weight. The content of the new packaging remains the same — it's ready to use Cocoa Milk drink made from the recipe of our moms, from natural pasteurized milk with addition of cocoa powder and sugar. The recipe also contains a natural food thickener carrageenan, which is made from red algae and used in food industry for many centuries. Carrageenan is of vegetable origin and is an alternative to gelatine.

Leading international organizations in the field of health, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Department of Food and Drug Administration of the USA, European Union, Health Canada and other independent international organizations have recognized the carrageenan is safe even for use in ready-to-use infant formula for babies. This has been confirmed by exhaustive research conducted by scientists, published in July 2014. Moreover, carrageenan is an important component of such mixtures for infants, as it is a source of essential nutrients. Carrageenan is approved for use in Ukraine and EU countries.