5 February 2016

The contest Favorites of Success summed up the rating research to determine the best and most beloved public goods and services on the Ukrainian market. ТМ Yagotynske is considered to be the best in the categories Ryazhenka, Dairy Butter, Milk and Kefir among many other market players.

According to the procedure of the contest, opinions of ordinary consumers, experts and Ukrainian celebrities (creative and business elite) are taken into account while determining the Favorites of Success. The results are certified by the marketing research company InMind and undergo a thorough audit of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).

One more recognition from the public and experts in the field of dairy was not a surprise for the employees of Milk Alliance, but was another pleasant evidence of their productive work.

Top Rated – Favorites of Success - are always undeniably the best and highest quality brands in their market segments, which is proved by massive public support. This is the most important recommendation for those who always strive for taking from life only the best things!


The competition of trademarks Favorites of Success is the first and the only public competition of brands with open ratings in Ukraine. The competition is held annually since 2003, according to a transparent method of public opinion determination in order to find the best, most popular and recommended brands of goods and services on the Ukrainian market, as well as the most outstanding representatives of Ukrainian show business. The competition was attended by all, without exception, trademarks official presence in Ukraine, in the categories in accordance with their profiles.

The winners of the competition – the favorites of public trust - are calculated on the basis of large-scale surveys, with participation of three groups of respondents: Expert Jury (specialized professionals in different directions of market goods and services), Jury (famous people of Ukraine, celebrities) and direct consumers, who indicate their personal preferences, exchange opinions, personal experience and recommendations online, on the portal FAVOR.com.ua.