10 May 2017

Yagotynsky Butter Plant has expanded the range of its products with a unique novelty — Turkish yoghurt. This is an analogue of the traditional fermented milk product of Turkey, which is the basis of many national dishes. The basis of Turkish yoghurt TM Yagotynske is only natural ingredients — milk and special starter cultures.

Turkish Yogurt TM Yagotynske

Turkish yoghurt is a lighter product compared to cream and sour cream. It is indispensable for people who lead healthy lifestyle and adhere to proper and dietary nutrition. Therefore, it can be used instead of mayonnaise for salad dressings. It has a delicate, refined and balanced taste, and contains useful substances and microelements. It can be used as an independent meal or as a basis for desserts and as an ingredient for preparing sauces for meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Turkish yogurt under ТМ Yagotynske will be produced at weight of 300 grams, in the plastic with a lid, so it will be convenient to use and store.