30 May 2017

Products under TM Yagotynske have taken winning positions in nine categories of the annual competition of trademarks “Favorites of Success” in Ukraine.

According to the results of an independent study of consumer preferences, the best were identified: zakvaska, ryazhenka, sour cream, milk, kefir, cottage cheese, yoghurt, sweet cottage cheese and butter.

It should be noted that Zakvaska Yagotynska became the absolute leader in the category “Lactic acid product based on bifid bacteria”. The majority of votes, including the votes of experts of the contest, were given foe this product.

“Zakvaska of TM Yagotynska is really unique fermented dairy drink. After all, it is made exclusively from high-quality raw materials — natural cow milk — and contains 10 times more useful fermented milk bacteria than kefir. In addition, there is Bulgarian and acidophilus rod in our Zakvaska, which endows the product with probiotic properties”, Olga Stepanenko, chief technologist at the Milk Alliance Group, said.

The popular vote at the “Favorites of Success” rating, which determined the best brands of Ukraine, lasted from January 1, 2016 to December 25, 2016. In total, about 50,000 respondents participated in the voting, as well as 15 independent industry specialists and 60 specially invited experts — successful people — famous people of Ukraine.

“Favorites of Success” trademark contest has been held for 13 years to determine the best, most popular brands of goods and services. All trademarks officially present on the Ukrainian market take part in the public ranking.