Trade mark Yagotynske represents a new product Velykyi kefir which is a Large kefir in economy family package of 1.5 liters

26 November 2014

Specially for the fans of soul-milk products and people who follow a healthy lifestyle Yagotynske™ produced a convenient new product which is The Velykyi kefir of 1% and 2,5% fat in a new economy carton packing of a 1,5 liter with the convenient cap of multiple use.

Kefir Yagotynske™, as well as all products of the brand, is produced exceptionally from natural cow’s milk, without the addition of harmful substances, which is confirmed by a short shelf-life of products that do not exceed 7 days.

Traditionally high quality of product is complemented by the number of significant advantages of the new large package of The Velykyi kefir:

  • a convenient carton Pure-Pak package with cover that allows repeatedly to open and close a product with the minimum loss of its freshness
  • the capacious and economical family packing of large capacity helps to save money with every purchase
  • dimensions of the package are carefully designed to store it conveniently in the refrigerator
  • the ecological carton packing allows to contribute to environmental preservation

In addition, kefir is one of the most valuable products of dairy origin. Thanks for lactobacilli and yeasts, that are part of kefir, this product helps digestive system to work, rejuvenates an organism and assists to more rapid recovery. The systematic usage of kefir improves sleep and assists to cope with chronic tiredness. Drink it to your health!