9 September 2016

Yagotynske brand started selling new ultra-pasteurized cream with fat content of 15%. Therefore, the brand portfolio will now contain two positions of cream with different fat content — 10% and 15%.

The new assortment position is produced exclusively from high quality milk of extra class at the modern children’s dairy plant in Ukraine — the branch of Yagotynsky Butter-Processing Plant Yagotynske for Children.

Yagotynske UHT Cream 15% fat is packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, which protects them from the external environment. The product is quite easy to use. First, possibility of hermetic re-closure of the packaging helps to keep cream fresh for a long time. Second, UHT cream can be taken on the go, in a journey, as it can be stored at room temperature. However, one should not forget that after opening, the product has to be kept in the fridge.