18 April 2016

With spring coming, the brand Yagotynske has changed the face of the majority of its product range. Packaging has gained more bright and saturated colors, keeping a characteristic milk wave.

Redesign was made to all products produced in the film, and fermented dairy products in the Pure-pack. The colors of the updated design of Yagotynske dairy products packaging clearly distinguish each category and fat content of the products. For example, zakvaska of 2.5% fat is now “dressed” in a bright blue color, and zakvaska of low fat — in white; the package of sour cream of 15% fat will be sky-blue, and the one of 21% fat is scarlet.

Bright and saturated colors of the new packaging represent the purity and naturalness of the dairy products under the brand Yagotynske. The main objective of the redesign was to make the products clearer for the consumer and more recognizable on the shelf.