19 May 2020

Yagotynske for Children Enterprise launches production of one more type of lactose-free milk - with fat content of 2,5%. This milk is intended for children starting from 2 years and adults with lactose intolerance.

"Yagotynske for children lactose-free milk is made from high quality milk which is supplied to the enterprises by large farms. Production involves enzymatic production methods and modern ultra-pasteurization technologies", says Igor Prilipko, director of Yagotynske for Children Enterprise.

In the production of lactose-free milk the Yagotinskoye for Children baby food factory uses enzyme, which passed a number of mandatory examinations, according to which it is approved for usage in the manufacturing of products, including baby food.

“Our lactose free milk has undergone a number of studies. Its safety and quality are confirmed by the Conclusion of the state sanitary and hygienic examination. This milk has a very pleasant sweet taste and retains all the benefits of natural milk",  said Natalia Vasilieva, the chief technologist of Milk Alliance group.

Yagotynske for children lactose-free milk 2.5% fat is available in Tetra-pack packaging of 950 grams. The shelf life of the product is 90 days.

Let us remind, Yagotynske for children lactose-free range already includes lactose free milk of 3,2% fat. It is intended for children from 9 months, as well as adults who have lactose intolerance.