20 July 2013

On Saturday morning, July 20, 2013, on the Mebelna street 11b started the construction works. This is the trade mark «Yagotynske for Children» preparing to inaugurate a new item for kids’ playground — bright and fun children’s playhouse.

Eugenia Plyasova, brand manager of the brand, «Yagotynske for children» opened the festival: «We learned from the Kotsyubinskogo deputy village council Irina Fedorov that parents are eager to establish a new house on the playground. Helping children who are living in the Chernobyl zone — it is a matter of social responsibility for us. Moreover, we recognize the need to ensure the right of children to a healthy childhood, namely, healthy food and clean environment. This house is one of many steps that brand is doing now and plans to continue in the future, taking care of the little Ukrainians. We hope kids will be excited about our gift and will be happy to play in it.»

On behalf of the young mothers of the town Kotsyubinskogo speaks village council deputy Irina Fedorov: «We had a long discussion with parents and their children about what is lacking in our playground, and the majority wants the developing elements — the playhouse. Because of the lack of funds at the end of last year, residents began to search for a company that would be willing to invest in the development of the children of the village. We addressed the members of the TM «Yagotynske for children," for help and they agreed to help us. So today we rejoice and all residents want to thank the manufacturer of baby food. «

The red ribbon around the house was cut with applause in solemn atmosphere. But the surprises did not end there — each of the kids on the playground received a gift from TM «Yagotynske for children» — delicious and natural fortified milk in a convenient package with a straw.

Children’s joy was genuine and bright. They immediately began playing in the house, and each one found a place for himself. And the best gratitude for adults were the words of little Sasha when he first saw the house, «Mom, can I live here?»