11 May 2017

The product portfolio of well-known Ukrainian dairy brand Yagotynske added another fermented milk drink. Zakvaska PRO is a new product on the Ukrainian market, know-how of Yagotynsky Butter Plant.

Zakvaska PRO 0,5% fat TM Yagotynska Zakvaska PRO with Strawberry 0,5% fat TM Yagotynska

The main advantage of Zakvaska PRO among other milk and dairy beverages is high protein content. Zakvaska PRO contains 60% more protein than regular zakvaska or milk. Due to high protein content, this fermented dairy drink will be of interest to people who lead active lifestyle, athletes, and people on a diet.

Zakvaska PRO is produced exclusively from high-quality raw material — natural cow milk — and contains up to 10 times more useful lactic acid bacteria than kefir. Due to Bulgarian and acidophilus rods content, the new drink, as well as other zakvaska under TM Yagotynske, has probiotic properties.

Two types of Zakvaska PRO will be produced: pure and with strawberry filler, in 450 grams PET bottle.