15 September 2017

Cheese Pyriatyn, King of Cheese with baked milk flavor, Gratsia, Parmental, Gollandsky bar-shaped and Russian Classic under TM Pyriatyn, and cheese King Gourmet with baked milk flavor, Gollandsky bar-shaped and Russian Classic under TM Slavia will be produced in the sliced form in a package of 150 grams.

Sliced cheeses have many advantages.
First, usage of sliced cheese significantly saves time for housewives. Second, packaged cheese is convenient for travelling, even for long distances, and for picnics, where there are no conditions for it to be sliced.

In addition, sliced cheese is ideal for families with children. Small cheese lovers simply need to open the package to make a sandwich with cheese or add it to pasta. Parents do not need to pre-make sandwiches or hamburgers for a whole day. You do not have to worry — your child does need a knife to cut cheese.

Sliced cheeses have a convenient packaging, which is easy to open and close, gives the product an additional opportunity to stay in comfortable temperature conditions, that prevents cheese from spoiling and preserves its taste qualities.

Besides, in July the cheese family of one of the most famous cheese brands Pyriatyn replenished with a unique cheese for the Ukrainian market. It has the same name with the trademark — Pyriatyn, and is made by analogy to the relatively young, but already known in Europe Danish cheese Havarti.