29 January 2018

The products of Pyriatyn cheese brand will be produced in updated design. The new packages design of TM Pyriatyn has bright and distinct colors: blue and burgundy, and the logo is the originally transformed happy smile.

“The new logo and package design of TM Pyriatyn were created in the context of the renewed brand strategy — Fan. The communication platform provides cheese cult introduction. If you really love something, then you surround yourself with this always and everywhere. This thesis reflects the brand’s new positioning”, Natalya Shadrina, Marketing Director of Milk Alliance Group, said.

Thus, the renewed brand Pyriatyn unites like-minded people, gathers all cheese lovers in its circle. The quality of hard and processed cheese under TM Pyriatyn remains consistently high, and the range of products is constantly expanding.

So, at the end of 2017, cheese Pyriatyn, King of Cheese with baked milk flavor, Gratsia, Parmental, Gollandsky bar-shaped and Russian Classic under TM Pyriatyn are produced in the sliced form in a package of 150 grams.