23 July 2013

In July 2013. TM «Yagotynske» and TM «Slavia» started producing a new product — thermostatic sour cream «from the oven» 21% fat.

Sour cream is originally Slavic milk product, which is produced by fermentation of natural cow’s cream with pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria. The closest to the traditional way of production of sour cream is the thermostatic way. Pre-fermented cream in plastic cups is posted in the oven. In there it goes through acidification, ripening and cooling processes.

Thermostat method allows manufacturers to produce high quality sour cream keeping all of its beneficial properties. As a result of fermentation of cream there forms dense milk protein solid clot with its original authentic flavor, which is a source of vitamins, organic acids, macro-and microelements, protein.

Thermostat sour cream 21% fat is stored for 10 days from the date of production at (4±2)°C.