17 May 2013

In May, 2013 Piryatinsky Cheese plant released a new elite type of cheese named «Parmental».

The new assortment position of TM «Pyryatyn», as well as all other products of this trademark, is made only from natural milk. «Parmental» is made of the normalized pasteurized milk using the bacterial cultures of lactic acid bacteria, milk-enzyme preparation of microbial origin and dietary supplements. The minimum term of maturing of «Parmental» is 2 months.

The taste of a product is distinctive: cheesy, spicy, slightly sharp, pure from any other flavors and smells. Cheese consistence is homogeneous, plastic; the structure breaks when cutting. Cheese section is pure without eyes, however single eyes are allowed.

Color of cheese is from white to yellow, even. «Parmental» can be stored till 8 months at a temperature from -4°C to 0°C and till 6 months at a temperature from 0°C to +6°C.

Dietitians say that cheese is a milk which can be eaten. The amount of protein in cheese is much higher, than in meat or eggs. Cheese proteins are acquired by an organism better, than vegetable for this reason cheese has to be surely included in a daily food allowance of adults and children.

The ripened elite Parmental cheese is served on a table in slices and grated. It is perfectly suitable for a breakfast as an independent dish and is also good when combined with salads.