A family of high-quality natural hard cheeses TM «Piryatin» is welcoming a new representative — cheese «Toplini»

16 August 2013

Hard cheese «Toplini» 50% has a well-known and loved by many sweet distinct taste of baked milk. This cheese, like other products of TM «Piryatin» is made exclusively from natural cow’s milk with no added vegetable fats or antibiotics. This cheese is plastic, tender, uniform throughout the mass, dense. When cut cheese has a pattern of holes of slit-like shape.

Cheese «Toplini» has a nice soft cheese flavor without foreign tastes and odors, and its distinct aroma of baked milk gives a special flavor to traditional dishes. It is perfect when tasted separately, and for sandwiches as well. It can be added to the potatoes, pizza, spaghetti, various salads, etc.