6 March 2014

Brand «Yagotynske» doesn’t fall behind the fashion and with the coming of spring dresses in a new and modern ecological and convenient packaging Pure-Pak Diamond Curve. All the products of TM «Yagotynske» are now available in a new packaging. Earlier you could find them in the traditional carton Pure-Pak, and it was necessary to break it to open the product.

High quality dairy products of TM «Yagotynske» are now complemented by a number of significant advantages of the new package:

  • handy «Pure-Pak» carton package with screw cap allows multiple opening and closing of the product with minimal loss of its freshness;
  • cap of large diameter prevents splashing when pouring the product;
  • additional, fifth face of the pack makes it convenient to hold the product and gives the opportunity to place important information for the consumer;
  • Environmental frendly carton retains all the benefits of dairy product, while meeting the essential standards of conservation and environmental protection.

The products of the brand «Yagotynske» for more than half a century are the standard of taste and quality. Despite it is regional brand «Yagotynske» has a high reputation and popularity throughout Ukraine. Another secret of popularity of the brand is the love with which highly skilled craftsmen of Yahotyn butter plant product dairy products, as well as unrestrained lust for development, due to which the plant is constantly being upgraded and updates its technological equipment.