13 November 2017

The plant Yagotynske for Children introduces a completely new product — fermented dairy drink Biolact. It differs from other fermented dairy products as it contains an acidophilus rod. Due to this rod, Biolact has probiotic properties that allow maintaining healthy intestinal microflora.

The new product contains milk of extra class, fructose and bacterial leaven. Biolact is developed to meet the needs of a child’s body; it does not contain preservatives and dyes, it is a source of nutrients and beneficial bacteria. A glass bottle, in which this dairy product is packed, is ecological and safe; it preserves calcium and vitamins.

Specialists recommend to introduce Biolact into the diet of children from 8 months, starting with one teaspoon per one feeding, gradually bringing up to 100 grams in 9 months, to 150 — in 10 months, and up to 200 grams — in 12 months.

Today the assortment of products under the TM Yagotynske for Children includes: milk, kefir, zavkasochka, cottage cheese, cottage cheese paste with fillers, yogurt and dairy porridge.