8 September 2015

Well-known trade mark Yagotynske, although has a glorious history of almost 60 years, doesn't stop its development, constantly expanding product portfolio with modern innovations. So, traditionally tasty and healthy high-quality natural Yagotynske milk is now available in new Tetra Pak packaging, which protects the product from exposure to the external environment: air, light (ultraviolet), moisture and bacteria and extends the shelf life of milk up to 180 days (in the absence of direct sunlight and temperatures below +25°C). Long shelf life is ensured by a special technology of milk processing. So, the best farm milk is heated to a temperature of +135°C for few seconds and then quickly cooled and bottled in aseptic packaging in a sterile environment with no contact with the external environment.

The novelty is produced at the most modern plant of dairy baby food, — the Branch of PJSC “Yagotynsky Butter Plant” “Yagotynske for Children”, exclusively from the farm milk, technologically perfect equipment, which ensures a consistently high product quality. Yagotynske Milk in Tetra Pak is convenient to take with you on the go, because it can be stored without refrigeration at room temperature.