19 February 2024

The famous ukrainian milk brand Yagotynske increases the volume of its lactose-free kefir in a bottle from 450 grams up to 750 grams. The fermented milk product is produced at the Yagotansky Butter Plant from extra class milk, which is supplied to the enterprise by certified farms.

«Our lactose-free kefir differs from the traditional Yagotynsky kefir by using an enzyme that helps the human body to digest lactose. The calories content of lactose-free kefir does not differ at all from its analogue with lactose», — says Natalya Vasylyeva, chief technologist of the Milk alliance Group of Companies.

Yagotynsky lactose-free kefir has a pleasant sweetish taste and, most importantly, retains all the benefits of the classic fermented milk drink. This product is easily absorbed by the body, so it is suitable for people with mild lactose intolerance.

Today the line of Yagotynske lactose-free products is represented by milk 2.5% fat, butter 73% and 82.5% fat, cottage cheese 5% fat and kefir 2.5% fat in the bottle of 750 grams.