29 April 2024

The well-known Ukrainian brand Yagotynske released an incredible new product on the fermented milk products market — Ayran with basil. This fermented milk product is made from cow's milk with the addition of lactic acid bacteria and a combination of starter, water, salt and basil.

“The fat content of Ayran with basil is 1.8%. It has a pleasant aroma and delicate taste. At first it gives a sweetish, and after a slightly salty taste with a pronounced hint of the piquant taste of basil. Chopped pieces of basil are distributed evenly throughout the mixture of the drink and give it a light tint. Ayran with basil has such an explosion of taste and uniqueness that is not found in other fermented milk drinks,” says Natalya Vasyleva, chief technologist of the Milk Alliance Group of Companies.

Yagotynsky Ayran with basil is a low-calorie drink that quenches thirst perfectly. Drink it with meat dishes and street food or just as a separate drink. Ayran is easily digestible and has a beneficial effect on the stomach and intestines. You can prepare various delicious drinks and cold soups based on Ayran.

The Yagotynsky fermented milk drink Ayran with basil comes in two packaging formats: bottle of 850 grams and for on-the-go consumption bottle of 450 grams.

Today Yagotynsky Ayran with dill 1.8% fat is available in a bottle of 450 grams and plain Ayran 2% fat — in bottles of 450 and 850 grams.