8 December 2015

Range of cottage cheeses “Yagotynske” in plastic bottles 370g is enriched with a new product – cottage cheese Domashniy, 5% fat.

This product is characterized by a crumbly granular structure and has a delicate smooth consistence. Cottage cheese Domashniy TM Yagotynske, as other products under this TM, is manufactured from natural cow milk. There are no vegetable fats, preservatives, and stabilizers among its ingredients. It has a pure taste and aroma of fermented milk.

The benefit of natural cottage cheese is determined by its composition. All components the product contains- vitamins, minerals, amino acids and lactic acid bacteria – combine in such a unique way that makes the cottage cheese very beneficial for people of all ages. The milk protein (casein), contained in the cottage cheese, has a high nutritional value and contains all the essential amino acids, so its composition may completely replace animal proteins. Moreover, the degree of digestion of cottage cheese proteins by human body is even higher than meat protein digestion degree.