23 March 2018

TM Yagotynse launched a novelty in the category of fermented milk drinks — Ayran with dill. It is made of cow milk with addition of lactic acid bacteria and marinated dill.

Ayran has a number of beneficial properties, for which it is valued by the fans of fermented beverages. It is good thirst quencher, and is easily absorbed by human body. Ayran has a tart fermented milk taste, and dill not only improves the taste of this drink, but also gives it piquancy.

Ayran is considered a product of excellent health and longevity among Caucasians. It contains valuable protein, as well as a large set of micro- and macro elements, vitamins and beneficial acids. This fermented milk drink is well combined with vegetables, herbs and mineral water. It can be used as a separate dish, and as an ingredient for cooking cold soups and vegetable cocktails.

Ayran with dill of TM Yagotynske is available in PET bottles of 450 grams and has shelf life of 30 days.

Besides, at the end of 2017, Yagotynske Butter Plant has started manufacturing new position in the fermented milk group of products — drinking yogurt Classic without fillers, 1.5% fat, weighing 450 grams and 900 grams in Pure-pack, and 400 grams in a PET bottle. These products are also manufactured under TM Yagotynske.