6 January 2016

Dear customers, in these wonderful days of the New Year we want to express our love and gratitude to you. Your support, practical advice and criticism encourage us to work hard every day, develop and improve the quality of our products.

Be sure, that we truly love our work and put our hearts into products that we manufacture. We believe that Ukrainians deserve the best, and we want our people to consume only natural and high-quality dairy products. That is why we invest in development and modernization of our plants, the installation of new equipment that allows producing dairy products in closed loop (without intervention of human hands).

Our dear customers, with all our hearts we wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! We wish you good health, happiness and love, peace and harmony in every house, wealth and well-being, comfort and peace, inspiration for new achievements, effort and patience to realize the most daring ideas. Let every day of the New Year brings you new joy, and we will produce delicious, high-quality dairy products for your entire family with love!