22 December 2017

Children’s ultra-pasteurized milk under TM Yagotynske for children, 200 g, changes the packaging. It will not be produced in a glass bottle, but in a convenient Tetra Pak package with a cap. The small package change is determined by the trends of the consumer market.

Milk under TM Yagotynske for children is a high-quality product specially developed for infants. It takes into account the baby’s needs in protein, calcium and vitamins. The basis of milk is exclusively selected certified cow’s milk supplied by farms, and the baby food plant further enriches it with the necessary vitamins A, D, E.

The product is intended for complementary feeding of babies at the age from 9 months and older.

Milk TM Yagotynske for children in Tetra Pak will be easy to use for moms. It can be taken on travel, as well as for a walk or a visit.

Besides, in August 2017 the products of TM Yagotynske for children passed the test for quality, safety, honesty and received the Good Sign in the category Baby Dairy Food.