6 August 2014

Familiar from childhood, natural and tasty cocoa is now available in the stores. Yagotynske® produced the most delicious new product of this summer — ready-to-drink milk drink «Cocoa», created by «good old» mother’s recipe from natural pasteurized milk with cocoa powder and sugar.

Cocoa milk Yagotynske® is a new product in the Ukrainian market of dairy products, which has no analogues. The product is made exclusively of natural ingredients without adding harmful compounds (preservatives, antibiotics, etc.), and therefore it is stored for 7 days only. TM Yagotynske cares not only about the health of their consumers by producing high quality dairy products, but also about the environment, packaging its innovations in the Pure-Pak.

Children and adults can enjoy Cocoa Yagotynske hot or cold, all you need is to shake it, open and drink.