1 August 2011

Milk Alliance holding has become a sponsor of the one of the most interesting youth festivals in Ukraine, which took place not far from Kyiv from 30 June to 3 July, 2011. For these several days a huge piece of land has become the territory of culture, art and new experience.

“Trypilske Kolo” is the instrument for festival movement from the art-observing and consuming stage to the stage of art-creating, from the passive existence to full meaning harmonious life. Mysterious Trypillia is a ground for active cognitive process. On its basis our project incorporates musical, educational, ecological, sport and entertainment programs. Every visitor is accepted by the founder of this world. That’s why the festival through the communication and art helps to understand the meaning of the human being, the value of one’s life, harmonious attitude towards the health, nature, society. It activates towards positive changes in one’s existence, community, the state.

“Trypilske Kolo” has a five year cycle. Each festival year has a one of the nature element theme: Water, Earth, Fire, Air with the corresponding program and subject. What is important — the territory of the festival is announced to be free from alcohol consumption and cigarettes smoking.

Issues which the festival tries and solves are closely connected with world outlook crisis in the society which leads to the indifference and nonchalant attitude of the contemporary human towards own health, nature, history and the country.