12 November 2015

Group of companies Milk Alliance is actively expanding export horizons and looking for new partners around the world.

With the closure of the Russian market, the group of companies Milk Alliance has begun active search for new markets for their products. In the past few months, the company participated in international exhibitions of food industry in Africa (Johannesburg) — Africa's Big Seven 2015, Hong Kong Food Expo 2015, Uzbekistan (Tashkent) — Food Week Uzbekistan-2015, and the UAE (Dubai) — Gullfood 2015. At the leading exhibitions of the world Milk Alliance has presented a wide range of products, ready for transport over long distances and long deadlines: dry milk products (milk powder, dry de-mineralized whey), UHT milk in Tetra-Pak with various fat content, butter in the package convenient for the end user (packaged by 200 g), and for the HoReCa (boxes weighing 20 kg), and cheeses (Mozzarella, Parmental, Gouda, Nutty with Fenugreek and other species). Ukrainian dairy products relished by local residents and they especially like the taste of true Ukrainian milk fat content of 3.2% and cheeses Gouda, Parmental and Nutty.

“Participation in international exhibitions is always new prospects for any company, says Victoria Predborska, Commercial Director of Milk Alliance JSC. — This is a new experience, new opportunities, new discoveries. Participation in such events allows us to get acquainted with the internal market of the country where the exhibition is held, as well as with the needs of market visitors. It involves communication with local residents and businesses, allows us to hear people, their needs and expectations, and therefore shape our proposals for the local market. But most importantly, what does participation in international exhibitions is an opportunity to express ourselves and find new business partners, because if the company is represented at the exhibition, so it is a successful and steadily developing, which is a positive sign for local businesses and signal of the beginning of a fruitful cooperation”.