26 February 2015

Group of companies Milk Alliance continues to donate tasty and healthy dairy products to those who need it most — children from the ATO area and disadvantaged children from orphanages, specialized children’s institutions and hospitals of Kiev and region.

On February 24, 2015, the Group of companies Milk Alliance donated a month’s supply of quality of natural dairy products to the orphanage My Family, which is located in the Khotov village, Kiev region. Children living in this orphanage undergo rehabilitation and their fortunes were formed not the best way; they are children without access to education, medical care, children with lack of warmth and care, elementary living conditions. In addition, this institution temporarily hosts children from the ATO area. In order to improve nutrition and rehabilitation conditions of kids without parents, the following amount of goods was transferred to the children’s home My Family: 90 liters of UHT milk, 60 liters of kefir, 10 liters of sour cream, 60 liters of yoghurt, 20 kg of butter, 20 kg of curds and 10 kg of hard cheese of brands Yagotynske for children, Yagotynske, Slavia and Pyriatyn.