1 September 2014

The product range of TM Zdorovo! is supplemented with new SKUs — drinking yoghurts of 2.5% fat with strawberry and peach-passion fruit fillings. The product is available in polyethylene packets of 400g.

Yogurt is a very useful lactic acid product. As a result of the activities of microorganisms involved in the production of yogurt, this product contains even more vitamins A, B3 and B12 than milk itself. Even those who cannot tolerate lactose, which fresh milk contains, can enjoy the pleasant taste and benefits of yogurt, because the bacteria convert it into useful substances.

All the best of tradition and the power of nature are concentrated in products of TM Zdorovo! The combination of solid experience in the dairy industry and knowledge of professionals allows workers of the plant to produce always high quality and tasty products.