31 October 2017

Ready-made dairy porridge with rice, wheat or buckwheat under TM Yagotynske for Children have become even more beneficial. From now on, they include prebiotic inulin. Inulin is a dietary fiber, which is not absorbed by the human body, but it is a necessary substance for the digestive system functioning. It is a nutrient for probiotics development.

Ready-made dairy porridge is easy to use, both for mothers and for children, ready to eat — it does not need to be cooked — you can just open and feed your child.

The porridge is packed in Tetra-pack, so the product has long shelf life — 6 months. Convenient package has a small size that allows a child to hold its own porridge, and there is a drinking tube attached to the pack. The product also has the ideal size for a single meal — 200 grams.

Reference: prebiotic inulin accelerates the digestive process, improves intestinal motility.