2 April 2014

New type of cheese with fenugreek 50% fat in dry substance by brand «Piryatin» is cheesy, has a slightly sour taste and aroma of walnut. The distinguishing feature of this type of cheese is a combination of fenugreek — seeds of the legume family — and walnut flavor, taste and aroma of which is successfully combined with the taste and aroma of cheese.

Cheese paste consistency is plastic, delicate, slightly brittle at the bend. On the cut it has a pattern of holes of slit angular shape, interspersed with fenugreek seeds evenly distributed throughout the mass. Color of cheese paste is from light yellow to yellow.

New cheese «Nut» has a nice soft cheese flavor, and its pronounced nutty flavor can be savored with traditional dishes. It is perfect for sandwiches. It can be added to the potatoes, pizza, spaghetti, a variety of salads, etc.

Cheese «Nut», as well as other products of TM «Piryatin» is manufactured exclusively from natural cow’s milk without adding vegetable fats, antibiotics, preservatives and other harmful compounds.