22 May 2024

Milk Alliance Group of companies supported the initiative of the Government of Ukraine regarding the "Made in Ukraine" support program for domestic producers. The "Made in Ukraine" logo will be placed on the packaging of all product lines of Yagotynske, Yagotynske for children, Pyriatyn and Slavia.

"The Milk Alliance group of companies, as a powerful national producer, a leader in the dairy industry supports the state initiative. We believe that everyone should benefit from the program! We see the economic effect in the growth of sales volume of our products. After all, at every stage of the creation of additional value - from the production of raw materials to the very consumption of the product — there operates the Ukrainian manufacturer, national logistics, trade, warehouse, and this is the growth of domestic manufacturers, entrepreneurs, filling of the Ukrainian budget. These are people's workplaces, respectively, their level of income, family well-being. So we step into a completely new circle of consumption. Thus, by earning more, a person consumes more, creating additional demand for quality Ukrainian products," — Sergii Vovchenko, Head of Supervisory Board of the Milk Alliance Group, said.

The first batches of products with the "Made in Ukraine" logo have already begun to appear on supermarket shelves. The following products have already been released under the Yagotynske trademark in new packaging: kefir (film, 900 g), soft cheese Mozzarella (mini and maxi, 125 grams), Ayran with dill 1.8%, Ayran traditional and Ayran in film 900 gr.; under TM "Slavia": kefir in a film with a fat content of 1% (400 grams), 2.5% (400 and 850 g), milk 2.6% (film, 900 g) and sour cream 15% (film, 350 g). Other products will be released with the "Made in Ukraine" logo as soon as the remaining packaging is used up.

The "Made in Ukraine" project is designed to support the national manufacturer and, thus, strengthen Ukrainian business and make the economy more sustainable, so that the country is strong and victorious. Goods marked "Made in Ukraine" tell the consumer that they (products/goods) are produced in our country, which means that on average up to 40% of their value is returned to the country's budget in the form of taxes, fees and salaries. No, this does not mean that we solve all problems with one purchase. But when they do this systematically, then we strengthen each other and Ukraine.

Because when you buy Ukrainian it is a win win story!