More than 50,000 children visited a small copy of a baby milk producing plant Yagotynske for children at the entertaining center Blockbuster

20 March 2015

About 52,000 children have visited a small copy of dairy plant Yagotynske for children in Kidlandia the children’s city organized in the entertaining center Blokbuster in Kiev during the first year, where kids can see the process of production of dairy products, take part in it and get their gifts.

This year group of companies Milk Alliance continues its successful cooperation with the children’s city of professions and all the little «employees» of dairy plant Yagotynske for children will receive branded souvenirs. In addition in 2015 it is planned to hold free creative workshops from TM Yagotynske for children, designed to reveal the children’s talents in painting, sculpture, decoupage, develop fine motor skills of hands, perseverance, memory and observation. The schedules of master classes will be announced soon so, please, follow the news on this site. Kidlandia is a large-scale interactive entertainment park with a total area of 4,500 sq.m. There are 50 gaming stations in Kidlandia which offer more than 100 professions from the doctor to the pilot, from photojournalist to race driver. Such diversity will help a child to broaden its horizons, discover its talents, even find its future profession. One of these stations is a game prototype of a dairy plant Yagotynske for children. At this station children can get acquainted with the process of production of milk and take part in it, learn a lot of interesting and useful information and receive gifts.