18 October 2013

Summer vacation is over and Zgurovsky baby milk factory again opened its doors to the most demanding and attentive visitors — young parents who buy milk products of TM «Yagotynske for children» for their kids.

The journey to the plant, which produces healthy dairy treats for the little ones, began with a comfortable minibus, which started on Saturday morning from the metro station «Kharkiv». On arrival at the factory the guests found a warm welcome of factory workers, hot tea, coffee and snacks to maintain strength.

After snacks there came the most interesting part of the program — a story about creating delicious and healthy dairy products for kids with a demonstration of the production process. Young parents have passed through all parts of the enterprise, visited its very heart, learned where does the plant get milk from, how it is checked by the quality, cleaned and sorted, and how to obtain so much-loved kids dairy products.

Guests were able to make sure that the entire production process at the plant «Yagotynske for children» is fully automated and milk does not «see» the human hands but only the shiny surface of sealed pipes and tanks from the moment of the reception of milk to packaging of finished products.

The parents made sure that all products of a new and unique plant are made from natural farm milk of high quality, that passed a rigorous certification; that the fermentation of milk there are used exclusively European manufacturers stasrters of high-quality; and for different flavors there are used only natural fruit, vegetable and berry fillings that are grown in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine; and to add sweetness to the final product, thare is use natural fructose, and not harmful to the child’s body sugar. The plant also does not use preservatives or artificial colorings.

Experienced tour guide was able to present guests a complex process information in a very interesting and understandable manner, and the answers to the questions of parents were given by plant director Sergei Kosyachenko, head of production Valentina Dovgaya and head of the Laboratory Lyudmila Bardakova.

After the tour visitors went to the tasting, where they could try the products of the «Yagotynske for children» plant and to continue the conversation. All the guests were very pleased with the tour, they received gifts and useful knowledge. And the most important is that they have gained the confidence that they give their children the best — natural, tasty and healthy dairy food «Yagotynske for children.»

After the first fall tour there will be organized two more in November, you can sign up for it online www.yagotynkids.com.ua.