27 May 2016

Pyriatyn cheese plant, known all over Ukraine for its delicious cheeses, is going to produce powdered milk. А modernized production facility for dry milk products manufacturing opened at the enterprise on May 25.

The process of premises reconstruction and equipment installation lasted about 6 months. The new workshop is equipped with a drying tower with relevant special utilities.

“Internal and external markets constantly dictate greater and greater demands on the production quality and product range, and Milk Alliance tries to keep up with the times. That is why it was decided to reconstruct and increase production capacities of the facility for powdered milk and powdered whey at Pyriatyn cheese plant. Of course, in this segment, we are more focused on the external market, which is interested in such products”, — Sergei Vovchenko, the Head of the Supervisory Board of Milk Alliance, said.

The reconstructed production facility will manufacture three types of dry milk products: demineralized whey powder, powdered skimmed milk with fat content not more than 1.5%, and powdered milk with a fat content of 1.6% and more. Products will be manufactured under the brand Milk Alliance.

We would like to remind that Pyriatyn cheese plant is one of the largest producers of cheese in Ukraine today. The company produces about 30 kinds of cheese under TM Pyriatyn.