25 January 2013

Group of companies «Milk Alliance» and the Charity Foundation «Day of Creation» transferred humanitarian aid to the pediatric oncology department of the National Cancer Institute.

Milk food for children made by «Yagotinskiy butter plant» «Yagotinskiy for children» was delivered to the Institute on 22.January, 2013. 60 young patients aged 9 months and older got kefir, yoghurt and sweet cheese. These dairy products will help children with rehabilitation and reconstruction of the gastrointestinal tract while going through chemotherapy.

The company «Milk Alliance» is regularly involved in charity. This active position of the company engages it in the social life of the country.

The contribution of «Milk Alliance» in the development of a healthy society is production of exclusively natural products on the basis of quality, carefully selected raw materials. The company hopes that dairy food, made with love for children, will help the patients to cope with the disease more quickly and feel the support, attention and care that are so necessary for them now.