At the end 2017, Milk Alliance Group brings a new children’s brand Hopsy to the Ukrainian market. Hopsy dairy products are: drinking yoghurts with strawberry, peach and banana fillers — are oriented on children from 3 years old.

The history of the new children’s dairy brand heroes is fabulous. Hopsy are cheerful and restless creatures living in the unusual tree, in an ordinary park. One day, one Hops persuaded his friends to go and explore the “distant lands” that are situated outside the park. This is how the adventures of Hopsy began, thus they learned many new and interesting things about the world around them. Hopsy are ready to share their interesting discoveries with those who also have thirst for discovering the world — children.

Hopsy teach a child useful habits and true values. Each product of TM Hopsy contains a guaranteed gift-story for the child: comics, encyclopedia or insert.

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