Nutrition information per 100 g of product:
Energy 1428 kJ / 344 kcal
Fats 25,6 g
Protein 28,3 g

Exquisite hand-made soft cheese Provvollone under TM Pyriatyn is made from cow’s milk of the highest quality.

History of Provvollone cheese begins at the end of the XIX century. South of Italy is considered the origin of this kind of cheese. Provvollone recipe, as well as the process of its production, has little changed since then, as Provvollone is handmade! During the production process, milk clot formed under the influence of specific enzymes of bacterial origin is heated, formed as a bag and soaked in salty water. The cheese becomes very flexible and elastic, in is banded with a rope, enveloped in a paraffin mixture, and then hung in a cool chamber for maturation.

Provvollone has spicy, moderately salty taste and pleasant rich flavor.

Packaging paraffin
Net weight 180–300 g
Period and terms of storage 90 days at a temperature -4...+6°С
Package size Ø7–8×12–14 cm
Crate size 27,0×18,0×14,2 cm
Pieces in a crate 6
Crate net weight 1,08–1,80 kg
Crate gross weight 1,23–1,95 kg

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